Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cinnamon Rolls!

Okay, so I made these tonight for the first time ever. They're a little time-consuming in that you can't just whip them up in a few minutes. You have to let the dough rise twice and all. But they weren't difficult to make. And I just have to say...they are AWEsome. They taste splendiferous. And the house smells wonderfulicious. I got the recipe from the Food Network website. I'm going to alter it just a bit, then I'll post it. The glaze isn't quite right. I always have to alter the recipes. They never come out just like I would want. But that's the beauty of food. You get to make it your own. In fact, you're supposed to. I usually don't make food that requires this much butter or sugar. However, I've been feeling extraordinarily carefree these past few days, so I decided to make them today. Plus, I can eat one (or three) and give the rest to my hubby, who couldn't put a pound on him to save his life! So no worries there.

I made this wonderful spiced apple-pear pie for Thanksgiving. I don't like to try new recipes out on people I just met, but I just had to make it. It came out excellent. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was beautiful. I even cut out a maple leaf out of pie dough and baked it on top. The whole day yielded great food. Two turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, spiced apple-pear pie, cornbread, soup, salad...and not one picture! What a shame. All of it tasted great. But I'll make that pie again soon, I'm sure, and then I'll share that, as well.


hadie said...

ok, I would LOVE to have that recipe, especially since as you well know this family LOVES something sweet and if it's hot, the better. Plus, making the house smell delicious is always a big bonus. lol And if you play around with the icing and you happen to make it with less sugar, then definitely pass that one along! lol

I look forward to seeing other recipes you'll share here ^_^

Polliwoggy said...

I will e-mail the recipe to you ASAP. I still want to tweak it a little, but I'll send you the original so you can alter it to your own tastes. I should be posting the recipes here, shouldn't I? Hmm...didn't think about that. Maybe I forgot!

hadie said...

you know, I heard there is a "healthy" frosting idea. Use yogurt. Mix in some sugar to harden it a bit and then freeze it for awhile. I think I saw it in on tv on some program the girls were watching but idk. I'll be keeping an eye out for that recipe ^_^